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Title: McLea in Nova Scotia
Posted by: Kyle MacLea
Date: 29 April 2007

I continue to wonder about famous McLea in Nova Scotia (though none appear in the recent Nova Scotia Genealogy records I have referenced elsewhere).

There is the late Speaker of the Canadian Senate, Wishart McLea Robertson:

And now I have discovered that actor Donald Sutherland, who hails from N.S., also has a relative with a McLea middle name--his father, Fred McLea Sutherland (also spelled McLae in some places). 

Because Fred Sutherland was born not long after Wishart McLea Robertson, it seems highly like that they take their McLea middle names from the same person or persons, or family in N.S.

Would love to know more, although my initial posting about Wishart received little in the way of speculation.  Still, I'll post this here and hope that at some point we can find about the possible McLea heritage or affection among these two Nova Scotia families!


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