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Title: Mackinlay
Posted by: Young Bachuil
Date: 30 April 2007

I have been lent a copy of Sir Thomas Innes of Learney's book "Tartans of the Clans and Families of Scotland" published by W& AK Johnston.  There is no date - but it is a very small book costing 15 shillings.

On p 81 it has the Mackinlay page.

He states It is not at all unlikely that the name MacKinlay embraces some of the MacLeay clan.  There were at on time several 'Mac-Anleighs' in Dumbartonshire, and further north were the 'Mac-On-leays' - the real Macleays.  The fact that some of the modern Mackinlays insist on accenting the 'ley' of their name adds weight to this assertion.  The Livingstones - another form of Macleay - are the likely forbears of the Mackinlays.

Combine this with "I quote Rob 'A group of three Livingstones from the Isle of Lismore, including the chief of Clan MacLea show identical results. Additionally, there is another Livingstone and a MacKinlay who come fairly close to matching the Lismore group.' " see and I think that we have a very strong case for saying that Mackinlays are part of our clan.



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