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Title: Another Dunleavy variant
Posted by: Andrew Lancaster
Date: 10 May 2007

I just received a note from a correspondent:

I have just started to research my family tree (exciting but time consuming!) I am from a family of LEVINS from Clogherhead,Co Louth,Ireland (not a million miles away from Ulster) There are 4 main Levins families in the village who are all related,there are also families of Levins in Termonfechen, Baltray (close villages) and in the main town of Drogheda.Whilst at the primary school in Clogherhead all Levins children are called Donsleavy or Duinn Shléibhi during Gaelic lessons,Levins is seen as the anglicised version of the surname which could have something to do with Co Louth falling within the Elizabethan 'PALE'.  Your research is very interesting, my Father always told me that our name meant 'Brown Lords of the Mountain' but other than that he knew little of our history. I just thought that I would contact you to let you know of this 'outcrop' of Levins's as there appear to be few spread around Ireland and I think that these are the biggest cluster. It might  be worth putting an advert in the local paper...'The Drogheda Independant' to get some volunteers from the males of this line (I'm female  by the way) ,I also live in England but will contact my male relatives in the village although some are awkward and may not participate (a family trait I believe!). If you do find anything out about the Co. Louth Levins's I would be very interested to know. In the meantime if there is anything I can help you with please contact me,

P.S. the  Levins's have lived in Clogherhead for the past 150 years at least,it is difficult to trace back as the church records were destroyed by fire!

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