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Title: Isle of Mull Family History Pages
Posted by: Young Bachuil
Date: 12 February 2005 and I have copied out a section

Livingston (infant) female 2 weeks old. Illegit. M. Janet Livingston, died Treshnish 1857. 

Livingston, Angus (c. 1810-1882) From gravestone at Keil, Morvern : " In memory of Angus Livingston who died in June 1882 aged 72 years; his wife Ann McDougall who died in May 1900 aged 82 years; their daughter Margaret wife of John Cameron who died at Appin on 4th Jan. 1917 aged 56 years and interred there. Erected by their daughter Jane. "  

Livingstone, Ann (c. 1762-1855) married to John Livingstone, born Brolass, died Tobermory 9 Feb. 1855 aged 93, in district 13 yrs. F. Alexander Ferguson, farmer. M. Alicia McLean. Issue: Alexander dec. 41; Catherine dec. 59; Margaret living 55; Jane living 53; Angus dec. 51; AL died in the house of the Rev. Alexander Grant, Baptist Minister, of influenza, cert. by Hector McColl. Buried Tobermory. Info. David Turnbull, grandson. ( see also her daughter Peggy Livingston (c. 1806-1883) 

Livingston, Bella  (c. 1801-1883) widow of Duncan Livingston, died 26 Jan. N. High Street, Tobermory, aged 82. F. Neil McDougall farmer dec. M. Christy McEachern, dec. Unknown ailment. Info. Archibald Livingston, X son present. 

Livingston, Catherine (in 1861 census p.253 in Livingston House she is the widowed mother-in-law b. Kilninian aged 80, of Angus Henderson 51 (or 57 ?) Mariner, b. Ardnamurchan and his wife Margaret 52 b. Tobermory & their daus. Margaret 16, Eliza 14). 

Livingstone, Christina died as an infant of 7 days 26 April 1857 at Dalnaha . F. Allan L. farmer. M. Sarah Colquhoun. Not certified.  

Livingston, David (c. 1841-1929) From gravestone at Keil, Morvern : " Erected by David Livingston in loving memory of his wife Mary Livingston who died at Lochbuie 12 February 1889 aged 49 years. Also his three daughters Jane who died at Croggan 29th January 1872 aged 8 months; Margaret who died at Lochbuie 13th December 1884 aged 6 years; and Catherine who died at Craignure 25th November 1909 aged 26 years. The above David Livingston who died at Craignure 21st January 1929 aged 88 years. At rest." 

Livingston, Duncan  (1797-1864) shepherd, married to Isabella McLucash, died at Treshnish 1864 aged 68. F. Donald Livingston, crofter, dec. M. Janet Campbell. ( In 1861 census at Treshnish, Duncan is 64 with Isabel 68, Archibald, son 24 & Jean (?) dau. 21. DL married Isabella McLucash Einsay 8 Aug. 1826, so their children’s baptisms are not available . Before Archibald they had Donald, Neil, Janet, Catherine, and Jean) ( Note that in Bella Livingston’s Death in 1883, above, she and father have become MCDOUGALL ). 

Livingston, Elizabeth (c.1809-1874) married to Alexander Livingston, farmer, died 18 December 1874 at Reudle, aged 65. F. Donald McLean, crofter, M. Mary Lamont. Supposed cold, confined to bed 2 months, not certified. Donald Livingston Son, present. ( In 1871 census at Reudle, Alexander Livingston was 67, Ag. lab., with Elizabeth 60, who was born in Ulva ). 

Livingston, Flora ( married to Hugh McPherson, Spirit Merchant ) See McPherson, Mary (c. 1808-1883) her daughter, who died in Tobermory, Shore Street, on 2 November 1883 aged 75, wife of John Campbell. 

Livingstone, Flora see McPhail, Flora (c.1790-1875), died Tobermory 1875.  

Livingstone, Janet (c. 1798-1867) See McPherson, Janet (c.1798-1867)  

Livingston, John (married to Ann Ferguson) See Livingston, Peggy (c. 1796-1883) his daughter.  

Livingstone, John  farm servant, single, died 15 January 1865 at Reudle, aged 19. F. Alexander Livingstone. M. Elizabeth McLean. Informant Donald L. Brother, present. (Kilninian & Kilmore CRs)  

Livingston, Lachlan See Livingston, Peggy (c. 1796-1883) his wife. 

Livingston, Margaret (c. 1846-1932) From gravestone at Keil, Morvern: " In Loving Memory of Margaret Livingston who died at Drimnatyne, Croggan, 8 January 1932 aged 86 years; also her son Duncan Livingston who died at Drimnatyne 25 November 1934 aged 52 years." 

Livingstone, Margaret  single, aged 5 at Lochbuy, from convulsions. F. David L. M. Mary Livingstone M/S Livingstone. (Kinlochsp. CR Deaths)  

Livingston, Peggy (c. 1796-1883) widow of Lachlan Livingston, she died 11 March 1883 in Breadalbane Street, Tobermory aged 87. F. John Livingston. M. Ann Ferguson. Unknown ailment. Info David Turnbull, nephew. 

Livingston, Sarah (married to Donald McKinnon, farmer) See McKinnon, Janet (c.1798-1883) her daughter. 

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