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Title: Finished a Project with the McLea\Livingstone birth records.
Posted by: David Wyse Livingston
Date: 06 July 2007

I have spent a while transferring the raw data from Scotlands People records (1599 through 1906) into a visual representation that breaks down where the McLea and Livingstone were born in 50 year increments.

I have a condensed GIF file on a webpage. The information was written in a 1200X1094 but my web master won't take it due to the size (4,121 KB)... so I shrunk it down to 800X729 and got it under 2,000 KB (which seems the upper limits).

I also have it in a 7 page Powerpoint presentation where everything is legible and you can stop it on any page you like to look at the individual counties.

If you want either FULL version (GIF or Powerpoint) please email me at v_1dlivi -at -hotmail -dot -com (To take from Kyle's email style)

WARNING: IF YOU HAVE A DIAL UP MODEM PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK UNLESS YOU CAN AND WISH TO WAIT FOR THE FILE TO LOAD (It is 1,949 KB in size). I would hate for anyone to click it and then wait will 2 MB gets downloaded into a temp file.

Please remember that some Parish records did not make it into Scotlands People so don't take this as a final "where everyone came from"... just a fun and informative presentation.


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Finished a Project with the McLea\Livingstone birth records.06 July 2007David Wyse Livingston
   Finished a Project with the McLea\Livingstone birth records.06 July 2007Young Bachuil
   Fixed the issue06 July 2007David Wyse Livingston
      Ancestry07 July 2007Young Bachuil
      Fixed the issue17 July 2007Donald (Livingstone) Clink

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