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Title: Membership
Posted by: Kevin Livingston
Date: 14 July 2007

Hi All,

On 11th July 2007 I posted the first 100 letters seeking new members. And another 2 x 100 letters will be posted very soon. 

The mailout has been done this way to easy the burden and cost to the Clan. 

We will monitor the results (if any) and report back to this forum of what responce there has been.

Regards to All

Kevin Livingston
Clan Officer for Australia and New Zealand

** This Thread has ended - Please do NOT attempt to resurrect it! **


Title:Date:Posted By:
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   Membership24 July 2007David Wyse Livingston
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         Membership10 August 2007David Wyse Livingston
            Membership12 August 2007Kevin Livingston
               Membership24 March 2008Terry Livingstone
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