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Title: Life Changes
Posted by: Young Bachuil
Date: 30 July 2007

Dear All,

After 26 years my wife and I are splitting up.  We are doing so with sadness - as good friends who can't live together. Our daughters are leaving the nest so the pressure is off us to remain together.

We have sold our house and are moving on the 10th August. I have rented the house NEXT DOOR and my wife is moving all of 100 yards away.

Despite everything it is all very stressfull.  This house has fourteen large rooms - stuffed to the gunnel with furniture, books etc etc.

I am being ordained an anglican deacon on the 12th August.

So -  much is happening and I shall have my eye off the ball for a while.  I haven't had access to my personal email for over a month.

Please don't have any falling outs - we are all family  - and I need you all.



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