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Title: Euphemia Livingston(e) or Flora Livingston(e) Coats
Posted by: Karen Jean Coats
Date: 17 February 2005

I have information that Euphemia (Effie) was my paternal great grandmother, but no information as to the name of my great-grandfather.  It is not known exactly how many children they had, as it is believed my great grandmother passed and my great grandmother remarried.  My grandfather's name was Charles McCrae Coats who married Annie Cassidy Fairhurst in Scotland (I am sorry no dates but was in the early 1900's).  My grandfather had a sister, Flora Livingstone Coats, and it is believed at least 2 step brothers, last name McGough (unsure of spelling).  My father, Charles McCrae Coats the 2nd, was born at 1 William Lane, Dundee Scotland on Jan 12, 1932.  He in turn married my mother, Williamina Porter O'Rourke in Scotland who, along with their 3 daughters later immigrated to Canada.  If you have any information on either Flora (Florie died in Greenoch in 1984 or 85), William Coats McGough (believed to be my grandfather's stepbrother through Euphemia Livingstone) or Euphemia Livingston(e) herself, any leads would be greatly appreciated.


Karen Jean Coats

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