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Title: Congratulations!
Posted by: Debra Livingston
Date: 04 August 2007

Dear Rob,

On reading your site I noted that there have been no updates since 2004, but thought I would try to communicate that I don't think the last sentence on the Lismore in Alba web page, is quite right. see below.

During the annual drills at Oban and Stirling he made the acquaintance of his namesake and distant kinswoman, Catherine Livingstone, whose father was a farmer at Bailemore in Kerrara, opposite Oban. When his regiment was finally disbanded Donald Livingstone married Catherine Livingstone and brought her home with him to Ulva. Things, however, did not prosper in Ulva with the young people, and after a time they removed to Blantyre on the Clyde. Donald Livingstone had a son, Neil, the father  (it should be possibly GRANDfather (perhaps)  of David Livingstone, whose name will live while courage, honesty, and humanity are admired among men.

Because Dr David Livingstone's father was Neil Livingstone whom married Mary Morrison in Ulva in 1774... sons - Charles, Duncan, Kate, John (John is my 4X grandfather) Margaret & Neil, who is David Livingstone's father

kind regards
Debra Livingston
Lecturer Digital Design
University of the Sunshine Coast
Maroochydore DC
Brisbane 4668 Australia

Phone:  +617 54301252

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Congratulations!10 March 2004Rob Livingston
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