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Title: Livingstone of Colonsay -->? PEI
Posted by: Kyle MacLea
Date: 20 August 2007

Dear Forum,

I'm working through a backlog of email and searches I did, and I found this result for Livingstones...

I note that Keith Livingstone has relatives from Colonsay, I believe, so this may be of interest.  However, I expect anyone doing basic Google searches may have already found this: 

Basically, it's an inquiry from Linda Livingstone Robinson about the Livingstones of PEI, that she believes may be related to those of Colonsay in the Inner Hebrides.

The genealogist who replies believes that the Livingstones mentioned probably came from Lismore or Mull, since it is apparently not 'a Colonsay name.'  Anyway, thought it might be of interest to some!


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Livingstone of Colonsay -->? PEI20 August 2007Kyle MacLea
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      Livingstone of Colonsay -->? PEI21 August 2007Kyle MacLea

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