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Title: McLea/Mcleay in Urray, Rossshire
Posted by: Kyle MacLea
Date: 28 August 2007

Dear Forum,

I recently spotted a query off-forum from a woman, Elizabeth Cook, interested in
McLea/McLeay from Urray in Ross-shire.  Elizabeth is from Australia.

I have corresponded with her and will pass on any leads to her.  Alternatively, I've given her the URL to this thread, and she may show
up and contribute herself if she wants!

Anyway, this is what I know of her general query:

"I am descended from Farquhar McLeay who died somewhere in Scotland in about 1836, via his son Colin (who  went to Australia in the
clearances/gold rush times.)

Would love to find some detail esp when and where he died and where he is buried. If his child John McLeay born Urray in mid 1820's survived and where the descendants are

If there are children of his children Alexander McLeay and Farquhar McLeay who went to "America" in the 1830's

If there were siblings for Farquhar died 1836ish and if they have descendants.

Colins sister Margaret was working as a servant at Beauly, Kilmorack, Scotland and married Finlay Fraser. They had two children, one of whom
went to live with Colin in Aus.

Did Margaret have other children and where is she and Findlay Fraser and their dau Finlayina Mary buried?

My father thought the family was from Kilmarnock but the only locations I have are in Kilmorack and Urray.

My father thought the ancestors were part of clan Buchanan.  Any ideas appreciated

I told her about the common association with Buchanan in Surname Books.

She responded to my other queries with this:

"By Urray I meant in Ross, parish of Urray, which I understand is on the Conan River.
The place was Blarnabee 
Two of the family went to america/Canada and were lost about 1868, Farquhar jnr and alexander.
I understand we were highland McLeays!
There are not many of us in Aus!"

Anyway, if anyone can help her with her searching, I'm sure she would appreciate it.

Looking through the archives of the Forum, I understand that Hamish Mcleay is from the north and may have some idea about this family or
others with possible connections.

For example:

Also, David may take a look at the database we've put together so far
and see what records may exist for this family!


** This Thread has ended - Please do NOT attempt to resurrect it! **

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