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Title: Canadian Livingstones
Posted by: Donald Livingstone Clink
Date: 03 March 2005

Have located documents today from the year 1819 indicating that my ancestor Miles Livingstone after leaving Selkirk Settlement in June of 1815 and arriving at the Holland River in York County,Upper Canada in September of 1815, found work at Etobicoke, York County, Upper Canada as a boat builder. This is virtually the same occupation as that of Donald Livingstone (1791-1876) who accompanied Miles and another Donald Livingstone from Bowmore, Isle of Islay, Scotland to Lord Selkirk's Red River Settlement in June of 1812. Although Mile was at Bowmore in 1812, his birthplace was according to marriage record, Morvern in Argylshire, Scotland. Movern is on the mainland across from the Isle of Lismore where at least two other Myles Livingstones resided in the 1770's. 

Donald Livingstone remained at the Red River Settlement where he was employed as a boat builder and was appointed as a constabul. Donald wrote to his father Neil Livingstone trying to get his father and the rest of the family to leave the Isle of Islay. In 1819 Neil Livingstone, his wife Ann, his sons and daughters remaining in Scotland joined Donald at Red River. 

Meanwhile in Upper Canada, Miles Livingstone while at Etobicoke, York County in January of 1819 applied for a grant of land with a group of Scottish settlers represented in a petition by a John Stewart. Miles eventually received a land grant in Esquesing Township, Halton County and resided in this Township until his death sometime in the 1840's. At one time his neighbours were brothers John and Malcolm Livingstone also from Argylshire. Mile's son John Livingstone b.1818 married Joan Livingstone a daughter of his one time neighbour John Livingstone.  According to one source John and Malcolm Livingstone were from the Isle of Bute, but I can't confirm that. Evidently they are of the same Argyleshire Livingstone clan, but how closely related to Miles I cannot say. 

By the late 1830's Miles sold off his farm land and was living with his youngest son Daniel Livingstone b. 1820 at the village of Acton in Esquesing Township, Upper Canada where in his old age he found some work as a barrel maker. I assume that my ancestor Miles Livingstone died and was buried in a Presbyterian cemetery in the Acton area in Esquesing Township in the 1840's.

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