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Title: National Trust for Scotland's reply
Posted by: David Wyse Livingston
Date: 21 September 2007

I recieved a response from the National Trust and am including it here... it is not promising and I feel we need to continue our campaign. Any thoughts?

--original message --
20th September 2007

For the attention of Mr. David W. Livingston

Dear Mr. Livingston

Culloden Battlefield – Clan Markers

I refer to your correspondence regarding the inscription on the Appin Regiment marker at Jacobite Front line on Culloden Battlefield.

As part of the project to restore and re-invigorate the presentation of the battlefield and to construct a new Visitor Centre, the Trust is renewing all the regimental/clan markers on the battle front lines and to that end a new design of marker has been agreed.  Those markers will be inscribed with wording that reflects the historically accurate position as was written down by the official recorders of the battle, Messrs Finlayson of the Jacobites and Saxsby for the Government.

Over the recent past, there have been differing views expressed to the Trust, principally by the Stewarts and the Maclarens, in terms of the wording that should appear on the Appin Regiment marker. The accounts of Finlayson and Saxsby clearly state that both the Maclarens and the Stewarts were part of the regiment. We entered into extensive discussions and correspondence with representatives of the Stewarts and the Maclarens to explain our position. We do acknowledge that, as you very usefully set out, the Appin regiment also included a number of other septs and followers including the Livingstons. However, they are not mentioned anywhere else on the battlefield at the present time.  We intend to rectify this omission by adding the names of all clans and septs involved in the battle on both sides, as far as we are able to determine at this time, onto the new Memorial Wall at the new Visitor Centre itself.  This will be accessible to everyone at all times.  Therefore all of the clans that you mention in your mail will be recognized in an appropriate manner.

It is worth pointing out that the marker in question was erected on what was at the time Forestry Commission ground and prior to the Trust’s ownership of the site.  We have been unable to determine who or why the decision was made to add the names of: The Stearts of Appin and Maclaren to the original marker.  The fact remains that that is how it was presented on the site for approximately 30 years without dispute.

As trustees and custodians of the battlefield, we are mindful that clansmen come to Culloden from all over the world as a pilgrimage and to pay their respects to their forebears.  In light of the prior history of the marker we believe that if we were to now remove reference to the Stewarts and the Maclarens from the marker it would be both confusing and upsetting, which is understandable considering the length of time these names have appeared on that marker. Precedent therefore is also a factor in our decision.

The marker with the followings words:

The Appin Regiment: Stewarts of Appin and MacLarens

And in Gaelic

Reiseamaid na h-Apann: Stiubhartaich na h-Apann agus Clan Labhrainn

We believe, that considering all that has gone before, and in the hope that this matter can now be put to rest, that this decision is fair and reasonable in the circumstances.

Yours sincerely
Shonaig Macpherson CBE, FRSE

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