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Title: Old Charters
Posted by: Craig McClay Wilson
Date: 25 September 2007

I was able to find someone to check on those two feudal title Charters referenced in the earlier thread about 1304 Charters.
1) There really appears to be an early charter from Robert Bruce to our family in Kintyre.  This is an important find. It is contained the first volume of the Registers of the Great Seal.

A great number of earlier charters have not survived and this first volume is really a compilation of early charters which have been found in a variety of places.  This particular charter was found in the Slains charter chest. No date , but probably some time betweeen 1308 and 1320. All these charters, by the way, are in Latin.  It is a feu charter by Robert 1 in favour of James son of Dunsleph (Jacobi filii Dunsleph) and his heirs.  The lands involved were:
One and one quarter merklands of Ardayardill
A half merkland of Ogildaill
One merkland of Ardinlochin
One merkland of Ardincross
One and a half merklands of Kylcedene
Three quarters of a merkland of Curtegredlene and Arngaffs
One merkland of Grenane lying between the lands of the Abbot of the island of Ioune (Iona) and the lands of Ardacardell
One merkland of Penigninm
One eighth of a merkland of Lagan lying next to Penigninu.

I have no idea where these lands are; probably in Kintyre.

2)  The second charter relates to the assertion that the McLeas were followers of the McDugalls, old Lords of Lorn.  It is in the second volume of the Register of the Great Seal. This volume contains a charter dated 26 September 1507 to David, Bishop of Lismore in which a number of earlier charters are listed and confirmed.  
No. 6 is dated 10 September 1304 and is a charter to Eugenii de Ergadia, Lord of Lorne, of Menderaloch and Lesmor of property in Lismore and among the witnesses to it was Joh Macdowlene (John Mackdowlene). I presume one would only be a witness if they were allied with the Lord. Note the interesting spelling of our name and the connection to Lismore at an early date.


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