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Title: K.W Grant Book
Posted by: Donald Livingstone Clink
Date: 15 March 2005

Recently discovered our local library has a book " Myth, Tradition and Story from Western Argyll" by K.W. Grant and published in 1929 by the Oban Times Press. As I don't live in Scotland and haven't access to the all of the research resources there, this was a pleasant surprise.There is a detailed and well researched account of the Highland Livingstone family of about 7 pages. Some of the information can be found in the Celtic Review published about twenty years prior, but there is much worth checking out if you have not seen this book before.

I noticed that in one chapter of book on Iian Ciar (John MacDougall) an outlawed clan leader of the MacDougall family in the early 1700's and that his serving man was named "Livingstone". No last name just Livingstone who was with him presumingly at the Battle of Sherrifmuir in 1715 and accompanied him when he was a fugitive following the battle. At this time it may well be that this "Livingstone" was going by both Livingstone and McLea or perhaps some later storyteller changed the name of McDougall's servingman from the old Gaelic name to more contemporary family name of Livingstone.

One suspects the McLea/Livingstones were with the McDougalls and the Stewarts of Appin at the Battle of Sherriffmuir.This ties in nicely with what Niall was saying about the Mclea/Livingstones being with the MacDougalls at Dunavertie where there was a massacre of Royalist highland prisoners by the Scottish Covenanter Army in the 1640.

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