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Title: MacLea/Forbes DNA Connection
Posted by: Rob Livingston
Date: 17 March 2005

Interesting things can pop up when one starts to compare DNA "signatures" with people having different surnames.  A case in point arose when I noticed a 31 of 37 allele match between myself and a man named Forbes.  This would suggest that the two of us share a common ancestor some time in the last 600 to 900 years.  I started to dig into the history of Clan Forbes and found that they were once found in sizable numbers on the River Don in Aberdeenshire  - in Forbestown.  Scanning my maps I discovered several placenames adjacent to Forbestown which suggests that MacLeas once lived nearby - "Lady Lea Hill", "Cairn Lea", and "Knock Lea".  Does this mean that the MacLeas of Lismore were the forebearers of the Forbes?  Not necessarily - it could be the other way around, or simply a case of a MacLea taking the Forbes surname.  But this does provide a venue for some interesting research.

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MacLea/Forbes DNA Connection17 March 2005Rob Livingston
   DNA Analysis19 March 2005Young Bachuil

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