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Title: Lady Onlie, Honest Lucky!
Posted by: Rob Livingston
Date: 17 March 2005

Here is a drinking song written by Robert Burns in 1787

Lady Onlie
(Robert Burns)

A' the lads o Thornie-bank,
  When they gae to the shore o' Bucky,
They'll step in an' tak a pint,
   Wi Lady Onlie, honest lucky.

  Lady Onlie, honest lucky,
        Brews guid ale at shore o' Bucky:
     I wish her sale for her guid ale,
        The best on a' the shore o Bucky!

Her house sae bien, her curch sae clean-
   I wat she is a dainty chuckie,
And cheery blinks the ingle-gleede
  O Lady Onlie, honest lucky.

tune: Ruffian's Rant (177)

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Title:Date:Posted By:
Lady Onlie, Honest Lucky!17 March 2005Rob Livingston
   Lady Onlie, Honest Lucky!17 March 2005Donald Livingstone Clink

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