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Title: The NTS and The Appin Regiment's Culloden Marker
Posted by: Kyle MacLea
Date: 09 October 2007

Dear Forum:

I recently got a copy of the response to our initial foray corresponding with Miss MacPherson as the NTS.  In our initial letter, as you know, we gave some reasons for why the Appin Regiment stone should say that rather than Stewarts and Maclarens.  Miss MacPherson obviously remains unconvinced, and appears to be quite convinced that we are a small movement which will go away.  But I think she COULD be convinced if we put our efforts where our talk is and bother to send in some more letters!  As of that letter, she is convinced there are only 3 of us.  Which seems to indicate to me that she DOES think it possible she could listen to us if there were MORE of us.  So, please, if you haven't already, jot off a letter to her ASAP!  Her address is:

Miss Shonaig MacPherson, Chairman 
The National Trust for Scotland   
Wemyss House, 28 Charlotte Square  
Edinburgh, Scotland   
United Kingdom EH2 4ET 

As a side note, I think it would be nice to design possibly a little postcard type mailer with a simple message on it.  "Save the Appin Regiment marker at Culloden!  Please retain the language "Appin Regiment" only on the marker, and don't single out individual clans for recognition!" or something.  Have one side with Miss MacPherson's address, the other with the simple message on it and a place for the person to indicate their names and addresses.  You could even indicate correct postage on it for US, Canada, UK, etc.  Then, people could print out and mail as first-class mail or actually as postcards (if printed on card stock or something heavy).  Either way, maybe we could mass-disseminate these to family/friends to send in.

Below I've included Jerry Schmidt's response from Miss MacPherson.  I think it's a good sign she chose to respond personally.  I do really think she might respond if a few more of us muscle up the courage to write in!  I haven't received my reply yet, but I'm guessing mine will be similar and should arrive soon.

Here it is.  Kyle=   PS  Thanks, Jerry!  And yes, "Dr. MacLea, I presume?" is a very appropriate question, I believe.  I'm going to include it on my business cards.  And only the truly in-the-know will get the joke.

PPS  I'll be busy tomorrow with teaching, but maybe on Weds or later we can come up with a little mailer/postcard we can distribute to some friends/family to get the word out!


I received in the mail today a signed letter from the Trust today post marked from Edinburgh.  As of the 20th of September she states she has only received 3 letters.

Jerry Schmidt

This is Shonaig Macpherson's response on NTS stationary 

Mr. G Schmidt

27th September 2007

Dear Mr. Schmidt

Thank you for your letter of 20th September 2007.

I do appreciate that the matter is of grave concern to yourself.  However, I must advise you that among the many hundreds of letters I receive per annum regarding Culloden, I have only received three in relation to the matters you have raised.

You are correct that wooden interpretation markers on the battlefield are being replaced with new stone markers as part of our ongoing work to restore the battlefield as near as possible to its state in 1746.

The National Trust for Scotland is contributing to a better understanding of the Appin Regiment as, for the first time in history, all of the clans, whether members of the Appin Regiment or otherwise, will now be listed and commemorated on the Memorial Wall within the new visitor centre that is being constructed adjacent to the site.

As you suggest in your letter, the original marker on the battlefield stated “Stewarts of Appin and MacLarens”.  Having undertaken research, we believe that it is appropriate now to move to a marker that states “The Appin Regiment – Stewarts and MacLarens”.

I appreciate all that you say in relation to your explanation but this is information that, as one would expect, is already known to us.  We do not seek in any way to diminish the losses of any of the clans that you mention in your letter.  We have deliberated at some length as to what should be on the markers, having consulted with noted historians and other.  We have consulted with the Stewart clan and have received representations from the MacLarens.  For our part, the interpretation must go beyond a simple stone marker and we believe that if you were to visit the new centre when it opens later this year, you would accept that the contribution of the various clans is properly acknowledged. 

You can be assured there will be no mistakes or over-simplification and certainly no re-rewriting of history at the National Trust for Scotland’s centre at Culloden.  We will present, for the first time, a balanced and authoritative account of the events leading up to the and the aftermath of 16th April 1746.

I would not wish you to think that we do not regard your concerns as being serious but we have consulted with various entitles over several years and believe that what we now propose is most appropriate.

Yours sincerely,


Shonaig Macpherson  CBE, FRSE

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