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Title: Postcard campaign for Culloden
Posted by: Kyle MacLea
Date: 11 October 2007

Dear Forum,

Ask and you shall receive!

I have designed some rudimentary postcards which can be used to inform the NTS of our concerns.  Nothing fancy, but maybe you can print some out and give them to your family/friends as well.

They can be found at: 

Just print them out using each page as one side.
Recommend you print them on card stock or similar thickness, I don't think the post office will probably take just paper, but not sure.

Should fit the proper minimum/maximum sizes for US/Canada and for UK but it is sized for Letter sized paper not A4, so depending on your printer/paper, it may need to be adjusted.

The postcard rate to UK from US is 90 cents, same as first class.  So, you can also throw it in an envelope for the same rate.  I think the internal UK rate is 48p.  Not sure on the rates for Canada, Austr, NZ, etc.

Feel free to modify, distribute, etc.  I can supply these in Abode Illustrator format on demand if needed, and can probably provide many other formats by request.


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Title:Date:Posted By:
Postcard campaign for Culloden11 October 2007Kyle MacLea
   Postcard campaign for Culloden11 October 2007Kyle MacLea

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