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Title: Genealogy Inquiries?
Posted by: Kyle MacLea
Date: 11 October 2007

As much as I am caught up in the current Culloden Marker controversy, I want to make sure anyone coming along doesn't think we're all about that either!

We're here to help each other with family history/genealogy, and generally discuss the Livingstone and MacLea family and clan!

So, feel free to add in inquiries here, or start your own thread!  We'd love to hear from anyone with a connection who would like to contribute or discuss.

Welcome to all!


** This Thread has ended - Please do NOT attempt to resurrect it! **


Title:Date:Posted By:
Genealogy Inquiries?11 October 2007Kyle MacLea
   Genealogy Inquiries?12 October 2007David Wyse Livingston
   Genealogy Inquiries?10 January 2009Joy Henry

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