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Title: McLea DNA match
Posted by: Craig McClay Wilson
Date: 17 October 2007

My closest male McClay relative, James McClay, is part of the McLea DNA study and in the "MacWho" group. This group has an very unusual DNA pattern and all members save one seem to be from Scotland.
The one exception tested recently and is a 67 marker match with my cousin which is our closest match. There is an almost 90% probably of a common ancestor in the last 400 years.
This family is named Muny and has a detailed genealogy record going back to the 16th century. They come from the Alsace Lorraine area on the France/Germany border near the lowlands. Their home is very near the old Spanish Road which was used extensively by Spain and her troops during the war with Holland in the early 1600s.
So how did this match happen.  The 1743 McLea Account may provide the answer. Remember that the sons of the last Barron Mclea of Lindsaig went to the continent with the Earl of Argyll as mercenaries for Spain. During this time , one of these brothers could have become connected with this Muny family. For example, a son could have fathered who was raised as a Muny.  The Acoount even contains a reference implying the sons were in Germany after they left Lindsaig. 


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McLea DNA match17 October 2007Craig McClay Wilson
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      McLea DNA match19 October 2007Craig McClay Wilson
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