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Title: Macleas of Perthshire: info please
Posted by: Andrew Lancaster
Date: 24 March 2005

It seems clear from the various old account of the family that in the 1700s there were people in Perthshire who knew themselves to have come from the Maclays. Furthermore, they seem to have used the named Livingstone in registers sometimes? (I have not found any McPheties by the way.)

As it happens, the Angushire Livingstones who I have been studying, seem to spread right over to the areas mentioned on Rob's website (Weem and Dull) and may well come from that general region. As mentioned before, they appear most often as Livadge, Lovage or Livatch in 18th century registers, but sometimes as Livingstone.

In the meantime I have (a) got more confirmed cases of the variable Livingston/Livadge type names and (b) become fairly confident that there is probably no conncetion to the Livachs and Livacks of Caithness. The Livadge seem unique to the Tayside area (Perth, Dundee, the area between, and their hinterlands).

So now my question to the discussion group is who can tell me anything about the name variants in Perthshire OR Angus.

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Macleas of Perthshire: info please24 March 2005Andrew Lancaster
   Macleas of Perthshire: info please24 March 2005Andrew Lancaster

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