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Title: Other Culloden Marker Responses This Week
Posted by: Kyle MacLea
Date: 27 October 2007

This week, I received a very cordial letter from the Duke of Buccleuch, president of the NTS.  He writes to tell me that he very much appreciated my letter and although he cannot endorse our position, he was impressed with how I made the case and also with the fire and pride that Culloden continues to inspire around the world.  He basically then just says that he continues to work to make sure everyone's viewpoints are considered and that the huge investment of the Trust in Culloden is done in such a way as to command as much respect as possible.  He states that the decision is for others to make (presumably SM).  I was pleased to receive such a nice letter from an obviously concerned person.  However, I believe that in this struggle he is unable to make much difference in the discussion unless he feels we are being ill-treated.  So, I will keep him in mind for future contact.

Donald Cameron of Lochiel expressed his support and I put him in touch with Niall.

I know Jerry also received a cordial letter from #10 Downing Street, saying basically, "Not our problem -- see the Scottish Parliament"  Nice to get a response, though.  Jerry is the King of Persistence.

Otherwise, that's all I'm aware of that hasn't been put up on the Forum already (e.g., Jill's response from SM).  Anybody else?


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Other Culloden Marker Responses This Week27 October 2007Kyle MacLea
   Other Culloden Marker Responses This Week27 October 2007Kyle MacLea
   Other Culloden Marker Responses This Week28 October 2007Kyle MacLea

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