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Title: Seeking information on John and Hugh Livingstone
Posted by: Alan Livingstone
Date: 10 January 2009

Hi, I have started to research my family tree and basically this is all new to me.

To give you some information this is where I have got to

Duncan Livingstone (1853 - Tobermory) and Flora McInnes (1852)

Duncan was born from
Hugh Livingstone (1811 - Kilninian) and Mary McDonald (1822)

Im sure Hugh was born from John Livingstone and Catharine Campbell (about 1786)

I'm not sure on where to go next.  I have found the marriage record for John and Catharine from the list of Baptisims of Marriage dating - 22 JAN 1805   Kilninian, Argyll.

I'm wondering if these names mean anything to anyone and have a birth date for John or possible parentage.  Or even any tips on how to take this further.


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