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Title: DNA offer for new participants
Posted by: Andrew Lancaster
Date: 06 November 2007

Hello everyone!

Our DNA project received the following offer from Family Tree DNA for new participants. Maybe if anyone knows anyone who is thinking of joining...


As promised during our 4th Annual Conference for Group Administrators, Family Tree DNA is bringing back our traditional Holiday Gift Certificates. You can find more information at

Note that we posted 6 credits to each Project's General Fund  for the following:
two $30 Y-DNA37 2007 Gift Certificate 
two $15 Y-DNA25 2007 Gift Certificate
two $15 mtDNA 2007 Gift Certificate
When these credits are used, the kit number toward which they are being applied will be entered next to each.
Once again, we thank you for making Family Tree DNA the leading and most trusted genetic genealogy testing service. 

Max Blankfeld
Vice-President, Operations and Marketing
"History Unearthed Daily"

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