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Title: Happy Holidays
Posted by: Craig McClay Wilson
Date: 21 December 2007

Hi all, 
Wanted to wish everyone at the forum a nice and safe holiday season.
Looking back at the 2007 forum threads, I think we have done much to advance the research and interest in our small,ancient Clan.
We have made powerful arguments in support of justice being done regarding the Culloden marker and gained allies in that cause. The DNA PROFECT has made great strides. We have found valuable information on our roots, including work on Luing, Mull , Lindsaig and Dr.David Livingstone. Niall attended the Standing Coucil of Scottish Chiefs, giving further recognition to our Clan. We have started making plans for the 2009 Gathering. Some of us have made trips to  Scotland from all over the world. 
I trust we will continue to make further progress in 2008.  Getting an article in the Scotland Magazine about the Clan is a worthy goal.
I want to thank all the valuable contributors to the forum. Through all our efforts we continue to learn much about where we came from.  Keep up the good work!

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