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Title: I think we're related
Posted by: David Livingston
Date: 30 December 2007

Dear Sir/Madam,
  I just came across your site and am interested in getting in touch.
  We are the Livingston family living in Twickenham, near London.
  Our family is as follows:
John Allan Livingston- Born- 25/1/46. Father David. David's father was called John Allan from Blantyre, near Glasgow, though he moved to Newcastle upon Tyne where he was a marine engineer. John's father was William Livingston born in 1842. William's father was Donald, a merchant seaman.
  Have always felt that we are directly related to Dr Livingstone following a study of his portraits. As her bears a striking resemblance to David Senior and John. I cannot trace a direct link but seems too good to be true with our Scottish background.
  Have visited Livingstone in Zambia for their 150th anniversary event. There was a memorial regatta at which David and James rowed for Oxford and Cambridge university respectively (they were in the 2003 Boat Race).
  Wife:Kate Livingston (Kate Pearson)
  David Alexander Livingston
  James Allan Livingston
  We would be interested to know how we discover our Livingston roots, very happy to provide DNA samples, etc!
  Yours aye,
  Dave Livingston

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