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Title: DNA Project Surnames
Posted by: Suzanne Livingstone
Date: 27 January 2008

Hello All.  Just to everyone know who might be interested, I'm currently working on a couple of spreadsheets using the surnames from the DNA project. 

The spreadsheet shows all of the surnames in the DNA project and the # of listings per state for each surname.  50 states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.  

There is a total for the # for each surname.  For example my surname Livingstone has 1187 listings in the US (the tally of all 50 states plus DC & PR) and then there is a tally # for each state.  For example Wisconsin has a total of 1327 listings with a surname in the DNA project.  And then of course a final tally of all surnames in all states, currently at over 40,000 and I still have about a dozen entries to finish.

I'm also planning on adding Canada by province with the same information.  I'm currently using the website and for Canada

The #'s represented don't include spouses or any # of children and could include duplicates of course.  

If anyone has any ideas on how say New Zealand and Australia or the UK could be added in a similar way, please let me know.  I haven't found a website with the information yet.  Or if you can think of other items that might be of interest to be added, please also let me know.

Thanks, Suzanne

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