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Title: An interesting DNA result
Posted by: Andrew Lancaster
Date: 10 February 2008

Hello everyone

A very interesting participant of the DNA project has been trying to get on to this discussion group for a while in order to compare notes on his ancestry. I am sure he'll get on eventually.

This man has a good paper trail back to the North West part of Mull in the early 1800s, where a Duncan Livingston and a Catherine MacDonald were having children. Their marriage record has not been found.

Our participant, who will hopefully soon address you himself, descends from one son, Hugh, while it seems other families out there on the internet may descend from another son Duncan.

He had expected a match to the Dr Livingstone line (indeed there seems to have been a story around that Duncan was the son of Neil Livingston who is said to have died in Waterloo), but he is instead a match to our clan chiefs.

Well, I am sure someone out there must be able to work this out! :)

Best Regards

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