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Title: James Livingston of Kinderhook
Posted by: Karen Bernardo
Date: 22 February 2008

Donald, Kyle, and Andrew, 

I'm so sorry it took me so long to get back to you, but I had no idea you were having this long chat on my family's behalf! (Thanks!) I can trace my family solidly back to James Livingston of Kinderhook, definitely not to Robert Livingston in any way. If I'm even a Clermont COUSIN, I can't find the connection. I knew James married a Palatine girl named Catherina Kuhn; I knew who her parents were, and why they came to America. But it is almost as if James was beamed to Kinderhook from another universe. He seems to have had no parents at all -- or at least, I have no idea who they were. 

We know who Robert's parents were, of course; Robert Livingston was the son of a dissident Protestant minister (Rev. John Livingston) and Janet Fleming, of Scotland originally. Rev. John, who had MANY children, spent much of his adult life shuttling back and forth between Scotland and the Netherlands. His son William, an Edinburgh merchant, married a woman named Ann Veitch -- related to Samuel Vetch, reviled in Scotland for his part in the Darien Scheme and proclaimed a hero in Canada. I have read -- but only once, and from a somewhat unreliable source -- that William and Ann had two sons named James and Andrew. If so, the kids seem to have vanished into thin air. 

You mentioned the possibility that some Palatines took the name Livingston while they were living on Livingston land, and I had heard that as well, but I never gave it any credence until now because it made no sense to me; most of the Palatines HATED the Livingstons. (I could never figure out how James and Catherina got together!) If any other males who know they're descended from James had their DNA tested, it seems to me that this would likely prove our origin once and for all. I can't help you there, though; my dad and my brother are both dead.

-- Karen Livingston Bernardo

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