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Title: Alastair's Funeral
Posted by: Bachuil
Date: 16 March 2008

A week on I thought I would post this note about Father's funeral.

We were incredibly lucky with the weather as storms had disrupted ferry services for days before and after the funeral.  It was a grey day with showers - but we managed to get away without a thorough soaking.

The Revd John Murdoch took the service, assisted by the Interim Moderator, Mr Bill Harvey.  John had been Minister of Lismore but moved recently to Largo in Fife.  It was kind of him to return to bury his old friend.

As people arrived at the Church my cousin Peggy’s son, Angus Nicolson, piped light airs outside.  Inside his aunt Anne Livingstone (wife of my cousin Duncan Livingstone of Laggan) played the organ, breaking into the beautiful Gaelic tune An t-Eilean Aluinn - The Beautiful Island as the family entered. 

We had Psalms 121 and the beautiful old hundred. We also had "Be thou my Vision" which was translated from an 8th century Irish hymn and Bunyan’s "Who would true valour see".  

My brother Sandy read the Gospel take from St John 5.24-27.  

My cousin Margaret MacDonald (Duncan’s sister, Peggy’s mother and Angus’s grandmother) read the ancient Gaelic prayer which translates as “Deep peace of the running wave to you”.

My sisters Deirdre, Catriona and Morag read Canon Henry Scott-Holland’s words “Death is nothing at all”.

I gave a eulogy and, in my role as Coarb,  a Gaelic Blessing from Numbers 6.24-26 (with much help in the pronunciation from Peggy – who once taught at the Gaelic College on Skye).

As the coffin left the church, true to tradition, carrying the Bachuil Mor I moved to the foot of the coffin and taking the No 2 cord lead the party to the grave yard making two turns with the sun.  Angus played the lament, “Flowers of the Forrest”. Friends of mine who know a good piper when they hear one were unstinting in their praise of Angus. The pallbearers were my brother-in-laws Jamie and Scott, my nephew Hamish and neighbour Archie MacColl.  

At the grave the immediate family, cousin Duncan and close friend Donnie MacCormick, hereditary butler of Bachuil (his uncle was killed in that role along side my grandfather in 1915) took the cords to lower the coffin into its final resting place.

After the internment, also true to tradition, whisky, sherry, cheese and biscuits were served at the exit of the graveyard. Angus played beautifully.  After Mother and I had greeted everyone Angus piped us back to Bachuil for the wake, where the banner was flying at half-mast.  Here Jill, Ali and numerous volunteers such as my cousin Dorothy served delicious soup and rolls together with the required alcoholic refreshments.  Towards the end of the wake John Livingstone of Balure, who had acted as Marshall, raised the banner to full mast.

My mother and I would especially like to thank those who organised, contributed to and sent a magnificent wreath from the Clan Livingstone/McLea Society.

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