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Title: DNA Project Surnames
Posted by: Suzanne Livingstone
Date: 31 March 2008

Hi All. In case anyone is interested, using the DNA project surnames, I made an Excell spreadsheet that shows by state (all 50 plus DC and Puerto Rico) the # of households for each of the surnames in the DNA project

For example for CA there are x # of Livingstone families.  There is also a column that totals the # of households all together for each surname for all of the US.  For example there are say 12,000 Livingston households nationwide in the US.  There is a column for each state with the total # of surnames (within the project) that it has.  Georgia may have 1200 households based on all the surnames in the projects.  

And then there is a grand total for the # of households nationwide that "could be" represented by the surnames in the project, well over 100,000

The information I gathered was from the website

I don't doubt there are duplicates and names left out as well.  And of course it's for each household listed, which doesnt include the spouses or children living in the household

The spreadsheet is viewable on the Yahoo Group for the DNA project.  If anyone else is interested in seeing, please contact me and I'll be happy to send it to you.

Thanks, Suzanne Livingstone

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