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Title: Index of Gaelic Names
Posted by: Young Bachuil
Date: 04 April 2005

I came across this wonderful site which I believe will be of interest.

I was interested to see that shows quite a few 'Máel Muire / Maol Mhuire' including:

Annals Entry Context Citation (formatting preserved)
(d. 887)
U              U887.5           R             Mael Mura, righ filed Erenn
(d. 973)
U              U973.3           R             Mael Muire, airchinnech Dairmaighi
(d. 1102)
B              M1102.3        R             Maol Muire Midheach, saoi saccairt Cluana h-Eraird
(d. 1123)
B             M1123.3         R             Maol Maire Ua Condubháin, airchindeach Doire Luráin.
(d. 1159)
B             M1159.1         R            Maol Maire Ua Loingsigh, epscop Lis Móir

The R in all these entries denotes that they held a religious office.

I also found several other references came yp on a Google serach for 'maolmuire' including these two.

The Macmillan Chief Maolmuire sheltered Robert the Bruce at Ben Lawers when he was on the run in the Highlands .

Miles, or Maolmuire was killed at Kinlochewe shortly before 1539 by the followers of Donald Gorm Macdonald, of Sleat. 

Many others indicate that Miles or Myles is English for Maolmuire!

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