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Title: Dr. David Livingstone
Posted by: Donald (Livingstone) Clink
Date: 26 April 2008

After reading a biography of Dr. David Livingstone published in the 1920's I realized for the first time that the Doctor originally spelt his name Livingston as did his father. I am not certain of the precise date in which the change took place, but I looked up some documents which appear in the Dr. Livingstone Exibit book that was published during this exibition.

His childhood arithmetic book, Jame Gray's "An Introduction to Arithmetic" contains a sample of his earliest signature which is clearly 
"David Livingston". 

Also his University certificates from about 1837 refer to him as "David Livingston". 

Andersonian University Glasgow
Practical Anatomy by Robert Hunter MD
I certify that Mr David Livingston attended the above course from 1st of November 1836 to 25 April 1837
signed Robert Hunter

Andersonian University, Glasgow
Session 1836-37
Chemistry by Thomas Graham
Member of Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow
I certify that Mr.David Livingston attended my course on Chemistry from Nov.1,1836 to April 25,1837
signed Thomas Graham

After his first return from Africa in 1857 his book "Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa" was published.
On the Title page he is refered to as "Dr David Livingstone" with the e. 

So presumingly sometime between the time he left England for Africa in December of 1840 as a young missionary doctor and the time he returned from his first expedition of Africa to Britain in December 1856 the spelling change possibly occurred. The other possibility is that he first spelled his name "Livingstone" in his 1857 book "Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa" to show his preference for the original highland clan spelling. Although his book only briefly touches upon his highland family roots in Chapter one, we do know that he Dr. Livingstone wanted to visit the highlands upon his return to England and apparently did search for any kin still living there. I also think he did meet with the Baron of Bachuil, but have not found any mention of this in the biographies I have read so far. I know that he did meet with the Duke of Argyll. 


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