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Title: Lowland and Highland Livingstons in 1851 Scottish Census
Posted by: Donald (Livingstone) Clink
Date: 04 May 2008

Unlike the 1841 census, the 1851 Scottish Census lists both of place of residence and place of birth of those in the census. This is helpfull to those trying to locate Lowland Livingstons or Livingstones who were actually born in a parish in Argyll in the highlands. It is unfortunate that an earlier census does not give this information, but there are still quite a few Livingstones in Lowland parishes we can identify through the 1851 census as being of definitely of highland origin. 

Also if the Livingstones were born at Linlithgo in the lowlands we can explore the notion that there are roots are with the old aristocratic lowland Livingstons. In any event having place of birth information in the 1851 Census is great asset to Livingston/Livingstone researchers. 

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