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Title: Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia Passenger lists
Posted by: Donald (Livingstone) Clink
Date: 11 May 2008

I have done some more research on just what exists in the way of passenger lists with Livingstons for the ships that arrived in the early 1800's at Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. According to author and historian Lucille Campey who has written two outstanding books on Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, Scottish settlement, passenger lists for these early voyages are actually rare. In her book "A Very Fine Class of Immigrant - Prince Edward Island Scottish Pioneers 1770-1850 and "After the Hector" a book focusing upon Nova Scotia and Cape Breton settlement she includes a substantial collection of early passenger lists. 

Passenger Lists in her Nova Scotia/Cape Breton book are included in the Appendix and represent the only 15 passenger lists to have survived pertaining to Nova Scotia/Cape Breton settlers from the period 1773 to 1848. There are 11 surviving passenger lists from the period of 1771 to 1808 included in the Prince Edward Island book. 

The only Livingstons recorded in the passenger lists in these two books are Donald Livingston probably from Mull age 55 and his family that arrived aboard the "Rambler" that left Tobermory in May of 1806 and a single settler John Livingston age 20  also apparently from the Mull area travelling aboard the "Humphreys" that left Tobermory in June of 1806. Also there was the "Spencer" that left the port of Oban not far from the Isle of Lismore in July of 1806 with Mary Livingston age 51 and Margaret Livingston age 32. All three ships arrived at PEI and were said to have contained passengers from both Mull area and Colonsay. According to Lucille Campey the 11 passenger lists from 1771 to 1808 are the only known passenger lists to have survived for the crossing between Scotland and PEI during these early days. Between 1805 and 1810 there were a number of vessels that brought settlers from the Western Isles, Mull and Colonsay primarily to PEI but only the above mentioned ships had passenger lists with Livingstons mentioned. 

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