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Title: Charitable Efforts of a Clan Society
Posted by: Kyle MacLea
Date: 23 May 2008

Dear Clansmen/women,

In my recent query about what people would like to see in a Clan Society, Hamish hit upon the great idea of having a charitable focus for the Clan Society as well, outside of any genealogy or history work that the Clan might be involved in.

So, I'm asking for people to post ideas of charitable efforts that they think might be worthwhile.† The Chief will of course have the biggest input on this, but I'm hoping we can find something (or somethingS) that really speaks to us as a group and can provide a focus for us beyond our interest in our shared history.

To start the ball rolling, I thought a little bit about this.† Here are a couple (vague) ideas.† I figure those on the ground in Scotland would probably have the best suggestions...

1.† Support a local charity on Lismore, as seat of the Clan.† This could be anything, like a conservation group for the island, Comann Eachdraidh Lios MÚr (history group), or some kind of actual social work on the island.† 

2.† Support some effort to memorialise those forcibly relocated by the Clearances.† (such as seen on )

3.† Support a national Scottish charity of note, perhaps something of historical interest to the Chief's family?

4.† Something related to Dr. Livingstone.† I might suggest the David Livingstone Centre, but it is run by NTS:† 

5.† Here are some other options related to Dr. Livingstone of a social, not historical nature:† (This one is interesting, given the recent Cyclone in Burma--they work with orphans along the Burmese border.)

Here's one looking to restore David Livingstone's house in Tanzania--scroll down to "Call to Restore Livingstone's African Home" 

Any of these could dovetail with an existing organization or could be entirely new efforts of the Society.† Of course, the latter requires a lot more work, the former a lot less.

Let's come up with some (more and better) ideas!


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