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Title: william Manson married to Janet Levack
Posted by: Marilyn Manson Donaldson
Date: 10 January 2009

   Janet Levack is the daughter of George Levach (b.1756) and Katherine Rugg(l754-l836). He siblings were l. John Levack (1781-1851)m.Margaret Manson          2.Anne Levack m. James Rose, 3.Helen Levack (1784-1873)m. John Mowat(1791-1860) 4.Williamina Barbara Levack (1787-1859)m.Robert Sinclair (1768-1820) 5.Jean (Grace) Levack (1790)6. Janet Levack(1793-1871) m. William Manson (1794-1879) 7. Isabella Levack (1801-1867)m. Alexander MacGowan(1807-1868), Sir Oliver Mowat is a descendent of John can contact me for further information.

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