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Title: more about name variants
Posted by: Andrew Lancaster
Date: 04 June 2008

Apologies if this has been posted before, but it certainly seems very relevant to the list...

This is an old Scottish Notes and Queries note, written by someone who'd been looking into names like MacLea in Glenlivet. Just to quote his opening thoughts...

McAi.EA, McLAE OR McLEA, 1615-1766 (2nd S.,
V., 156, 176). The following notes were made in
the course of genealogical researches, under the impression that the names might have heen forms of
McCullie (a contracted form of McUlleam), which is
to be found in the same records : but it seems clear that the idea was erroneous. The notes may prove of interest to persons whose ancestors were known by some of the names in question, but it is thought likely that some of the names at all events are not now in use. It is conjectured that the proper name of the persons bearing them may have been Stewart. Certainly the latter name has long prevailed, and still prevails in Glenlivet. The association with Stewart families and the occurrence of " Stuart alias McAlea " is noteworthy. Should the names in question have been ultimately relinquished for the proper clan name, the difficulties of descendants now called by the latter, in attempting to trace their descent, without the knowledge that their ancestors in former times bore a different name, must be almost
insuperable. With few exceptions, such as " Glen-
connaglass" and " Eister Camdole," which are in the parish of Kirkmichael (where the name of Stewart also prevailed), the places indicated below are situate in Glenlivet.


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more about name variants04 June 2008Andrew Lancaster
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