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Title: 1899
Posted by: Roberta Ann Livingstone
Date: 26 June 2008

Hi all; I am reading the Sydney Post Record.  Dated January 2, 1939 and on page 3 in an article entitled 40 years at Senators Corners.
Up Union Street between the S&L station and the Misses Livingstones house the roads were so bad that Dr. McKeen had to leave a buggy there for one month.  The Misses Livingstones were neices of Dr. Livingstone the great African Missionary.
Plank walks, town owned electric light, bitulathic pavement came and Little Glace Bay dropped the Little from its name and started to perk up.
Today there are almost 25,000 people nearly 6000 school children and a whole lot of shops and cars and complaining. Lightly, Roberta Ann Livingstone

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189926 June 2008Roberta Ann Livingstone
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