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Title: A modest proposal concerning our joint efforts in surname research
Posted by: Andrew Lancaster
Date: 30 June 2008

Hello everyone

It might not be well-known to everyone but, concerning DNA sample collection kits...

1. They are very simple and last a long time. They are basically just sealed plastic sticks to scrape inside someones mouth, and then the accouterments necessary to reseal this and send it to a lab.

2. I can as project admin have multiple kits sent out without any pre-payment. This is even encouraged. Of course once someone sends a kit in for real testing then payment needs to be arranged.

So, Niall, and others who regularly see Livingstons, Livingstones, McClays, MacLeas, MacLeays and the rest  ... does anyone want some collection kits? All I need is a street address.

You can e-mail me, as always, on


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