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Title: Two Lettermores
Posted by: Donald (Liviingstone) Clink
Date: 16 August 2008

Hi All,

In the course of researching the Western Argyll origins of Dr. Livingstone's ancestors, I have come to the realization that the Lettermore mentioned in the early baptismal records of Neil Livingstone and Mary Morrison's eldest children from Kilninian and Kilmore Parish is in fact Lettermore located south of Tobermory. There is to complicate matters also a Lettermore in Appin Parish near Ballachulish where local folklore suggested Dr. David Livingstone's ancestor had resided before living at Mull and neighbouring Ulva. Is there any significance that there is a Lettermore in the Appin Parish area and a Lettermore in Mull? Was the Lettermore in Mull connected somehow to the Lettermore in the Ballachulish /Appin Parish area. That is what I am trying to figure out. Odd that there are two places so close named Lettermore.



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