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Title: MacLea - Lowland Livingston connection
Posted by: Donald (Livingstone) Clink
Date: 31 August 2008

HI All, 

Whether one accepts the notion that the Lowland Livingstons of Callendar/Linlithgo were related to the ancient highland Maclea clan, it would seem from the the old McLea manucript of the 1700's that a royalist McLea soldier in 1645 found sanctuary and welcomed at Callendar in the lowlands by Lord Linlithgo and so the story was told to the author at the time, treated as if 17th century McLeas were kin to Lowland Livingstons. 
It is interesting to note that just a few years earlier around 1641, Charles the First granted Sir James Livingston of Skirling land in and around the Island of Lismore which would place him in direct contact with ancestral head of highland clan Maclea, Baron Maclea or Maconlea at this time in our history. This event would no doubt have been known by representatives of Callendar family who were supporters of the Stuart Royal family for centuries. 

WHether there was an ancestral link between McLea and the old aristocratic lowland Callendar/Linlithgo Livingston family and whether or not a bond was forged between the two families in the 1640's during the Civil War on the Isle of Lismore has been the focus of endless speculation. So much of the McLea history is shrouded in mystery. 



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MacLea - Lowland Livingston connection 31 August 2008Donald (Livingstone) Clink
   MacLea - Lowland Livingston connection 31 August 2008Kyle MacLea
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