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Title: DNA results and links to MacDonald
Posted by: John Livingston
Date: 30 April 2005

I guess this is one for Rob - I've just received my stage 1 results (12 marker), and I don't appear to fit closely with any of the groups identified so far. I am surprised to find I am in Haplogroup R1A - not the usual for the Livingstones ?
However, I find there is a group of R1A MacDonalds who are within a genetic distance of 1 (in DYS# 390). Is there a known link between the families prior to 1700 or so ?

John Livingston
York, UK

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DNA results and links to MacDonald30 April 2005John Livingston
   DNA results and links to MacDonald01 May 2005Young Bachuil
   DNA results and links to MacDonald01 May 2005Rob Livingston

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