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Title: James Livingston of Skirling
Posted by: Donald (Livingstone) Clink
Date: 02 October 2008

James Livingston of Skirling, Baron of Beil was keeper of the privy purse and groom of the Royal Bed Chamber for Charles the First. He married Anne Naismith daughter of the King's surgeon.  James Livingston of Beil acquired land in Edrington in 1632 and sold it in September of 1641 to John Hamilton of Skirling. A document the Great Seal Charter No. 1021 from November 15, 1641 indicates that James Livingston resigns ownership of lands formerly in possession of the Lauder family. This Lauder family were the earlier occupants of the Barony of Edrington.

In August of 1641 Charles the First visited Scotland bestowing gifts upon nobles in order to get them on side with him against any future conflicts with his enemies in both England and Scotland.
That same year (1641)(Month unknown) James Livingston of Skirling, Baron of Beil was granted by Charles the First a lease of bishoprics of Argyll and the Isle. Subsequently in 1642 he received a grant of spiritualities and temporalities of same bishoprics for life.

James Livingston is said to have resided on the Isle of Lismore in Western Argyll presumingly in the early 1640's till with the Civil War and hostilities with the Duke of Argyll in Western Argyll in 1644 he likely thought it prudent to leave and transfer his grant to the Duke of Argyll by the mid 1640's one of the most powerfull nobles in Scotland. 

Some theorize that during his brief time spent on the Island of Lismore in the 1640's the lowland James Livington of Skirling a supporter of Charles the First and Royalist forged some sort of alliance between highland Baron MacLea or McDunlea which would eventually result with highland clan changing their name to Livingston.



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