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Title: Happenings Newsletter No 2
Posted by: Kevin Livingston
Date: 27 October 2008

                           The newsletter of
Clan Livingstone/Clan MacLea Society of Australia and New Zealand

This is the second official newsletter from the Clan. I hope you enjoy it and, please, feel free to contribute to it, after-all it is your newsletter.
The passing of the Alastair Livingstone
It is with a sadden heart that I advise of the death of our Chief. On the morning of 29 April at 5.30 am, Alastair Livingstone of Bachuil died peacefully on the Island of Lismore. Niall Livingstone has now assumed the role of the Baron of Bachuil.
For details refer to: 
Gathering 2009
On the basis that the focus is the Gathering I have booked a tent and would suggest that it is essential to obtain a Gathering Passport – see - for details. 

All passports include: 

Entry to both days of the Highland Games in Holyrood Park. A place in the clan parade up the Royal Mile.  A seat at the Clan Pageant at the castle esplanade. 

The prices vary from £88 for Bronze (poor seats and therefore discarded) to £95 for Silver – in the North and South Stands to £110 for Gold the East Stand.  I was a guest at the Tattoo recently and the East Stand is undoubtedly the best.  Given the marginal price difference I suggest we go for Gold. 

Fixed Dates
Clan Convention – Chiefs Only 
Friday 24th July. 

Holyrood Park 
Saturday 25th July & Sunday 26th July 
The clan will have a tent at the clan village in Holyrood Park. 

Clan Parade and Pageant at Castle 
Holyrood Park 
Saturday 25th July  

I am suggesting that it might be fun to have a night or two on Lismore. During the day it may be possible to do a tour of some of the Clan Lands 

There are a few holiday cottages that we could book and one or two B&Bs. see and accommodation  In addition there is the Pier House Hotel at Appin. 

So Tentative Dates. 

Wednesday 22nd 
Northern Tour to Ballachulish, Morvern and Donald’s Grave. 
Drinks Reception at Bachuil 
Supper at the Heritage Centre 

Thursday 23rd July 
Southern Tour – Achnacree, Muckairn and Lindsaig. 
Caelidh in Lismore Hall. 

This would be available as elements 

Parade and Pageant Only.  One Nights stay on Sat 25th July and a Passport. 

Edinburgh Weekend. Holyrood Park, Parade and Pageant.  Two Nights stay on Fri 24th and Sat 25th July and a Passport. 

Lismore Break. 
Wed 22nd and Thur 23rd  

At this stage I would welcome feedback on desirability, improvements, suggestions practicalities etc.

Member’s interests
If you have an interest that you would like others to know about please send you information to and it will be included in the next issue.  This may include lost family members etc.
History Searches
When looking for family history don’t forget to check  Old Parish Records. Join your local Genealogy Group. They may have lots of records access by microfiche with thousands of records on them
DNA Project
If you have not yet joined the Livingstone DNA project please enquire with Andrew Lancaster in Belgium at 
Some fascinating results are coming out of this project. To see the comments please go to: 
Your Queries
Please advise of any queries on clan History. I cannot guarantee to solve them but I will at least try.
Earliest known Member of your Family
We are thinking of forming a register of your oldest know relative. Mine goes back to James Livingston, circa b 1795 Place unkown but could be Trannent (near Edinburgh) and transported ,from the Port of Leith in 1834 aboard the “Palmer” skippered by Capt Francis, to Hobart arriving 30 January 1835 he had 6 children when he started out but arrived with 7 Children.
What’s yours?
Family Histories
Some of you have sent in your family histories. These will be catalogued and kept as reference material for later use.
If anyone wants to contribute to these documents please feel free to do so. Just send by email to of post to    7 Darville Court, Blackmans Bay, Tas. 7052
New Members
A very big welcome to all new members. It is hoped that you will be please with what you get from the Society. We would appreciate any comments, good or bad, about how you perceive the benefits.
New Zealand sub-section
Our congratulations to Iain Livingstone in Auckland New Zealand on the excellent job he is doing for the society.
Culloden Again
The clan, Chief Niall Livingstone, Baron of Bachuil, would like to hear from anyone who thinks they can convince the National Trust of Scotland to concede to the Late Lady Stewart’s request to change the wording on the Battle station marker board to just read The Appin Regiment rather than the current wording. For those who want to know more,  please go to:  for how it was in August 2000   and an over view at  .
For those who have access to the internet there is a video located at : about the Battle of Culloden.
Scottish Clans and Associations
This Society has made application for membership of the Scottish Clans and Associations at: 
This is to help advertise our Society and give us information about other clans and associations.

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