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Title: MacColls
Posted by: Bachuil
Date: 17 November 2008

MacColls have lived in Lismore and Appin for centuries. The origins of the name are unclear and they certainly have never had a recorded chief in that name.  

At one time anciently settled on the Shores of Loch Fyne, some believe them to descend from the MacDonalds where the forename of 'Coll' was common. The badge of the MacDonalds and the MacColls is the same: a sprig of common heather. To my mind a fairly tenuous link!

As stated they are recognised as being one of the oldest inhabitants of the area.  It is interesting to note that in 1544 a charter was witnessed by John McCowle of Dunollycht - in modern vernancular John MacDougall of Dunolly. 

Could McCowle become corrupted into MacColl? DNA testing may show that the MaColls are in fact MacDougalls!

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