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Title: Tartan Thread Count
Posted by: Donald (Livingstone) Clink
Date: 17 November 2008

If anyone is interested Livingstone Tartan no.895 and no.1003 are reasonably similiar pattern wise with one in a red and green shade the other red and green with a few tiny black lines.
1003 is very popular and while it often sourced as originating in the 1938 Robert Bain Tartan book I have reason to believe it predates that. 895 apparently appears in a 1906 W and AK Johnston clan tartan book, a first for Clan Livingstone making one suspect this is older tartan than that of 1003, be that may not neccessarily be the case. It certainly indicates that 895 is probably older than 1906 and more than likely was in a Glasgow or Edinburgh manufacturers swatch book in the late 1800's possibly. Something to research in the future. Scottish Tartan World REgister has a good sample and some info on a number of the Livingstone tartans including 1003,895 and 1488.
Here is the difference in thread count for future reference. 

Tartan No.895
G28 R8 G4 R4 R8 G38 R60 G4 R18

Tartan No.1003
G24 R8 K2 R4 K2 R8 G23 R40 G4 R16

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