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Title: John Livingstone and Mary De Graff
Posted by: David Wyse Livingston
Date: 01 December 2008

Hello Everyone,

I received this request through email and I was hoping someone might have some additional information to share on a John Livingston(e) who married a Mary Degraff (or De Graff). I have asked the sender to come to the website, read the forum and perhaps we can assist further.

"Hi: We too have been told that our line of Livingstone/Livingston/Levingston is related to Dr. David Livingstone. 
This in fact is my husband's line............ The farthest  we can go back is John Livingstone married to Mary Degraff and we don't know if this marriage occurred in the U.S. or Canada.
- His son Robert D. Livingstone is said to have been born in West Flamborough,Ontario Canada,  in 1822,and we do not know if Robert D. had any other brothers and sisters................... 
-- Robert D. Livingstone  married Mary Abigail Haven (born New Brunswick, Canada)and they  had at least 16 children together..................... 
--- Robert moved to Leamington , Ontario, with 8 children ,and is recorded on the 1871 census there as a widower, a farmer and a methedist............
--- His wife, Mary Abigail died and  was buried in the Leamington, Lakeview  Cemetery  with her last name recorded as Levingston on the gravestone................ 
---- Robert married again, a  widow, and they raised the 8 children that were still at home in Leamington,Ontario.

Robert D. Livingstone is my husband's great Grandfather and we can trace that line from Robert D. Livingstone to the present day. If I can be of any help to you please contact me. If too you have any knowledge of how we can trace this John Livingston we would appreciate a reply ................ 
regards L.. Livingstone."

Thank you everyone,

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