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Title: Wedding Attire
Posted by: David Wyse Livingston
Date: 02 December 2008

Ok Everyone,

Question about Tartans, Kilts, and Weddings. Tartan index: 000650 - from the website definition it is "Dress Colours: A totally different sett and highly distinctive, this tartan is especially suitable for a ladies silk evening sash or dress."

Does this mean that it is a feminine color scheme for the Livingston(e) women or is it presentable in weddings and formal gatherings in what can be called "formal dress clothes"?

Here is my problem... and thank you Kyle for your wedding pictures, they are great but also gave my fiancee some issues in her perspective. :) lol

In my upcoming wedding (2010, so it isn't so close right now) I will most likely be the only Scotsman in a Kilt. I like the look (again thank you Kyle, yours are the only pictures of a wedding party in Tartan #1003 that I could easily find). The rest of the wedding party will be in colors that compliment.. My fiancee wants me in a Kilt BUT she has a problem going with Red or Green dresses for brides maids or cumberbuns for the grooms men. She saw Tartan #000650 and says she likes the blue and yellow/gold and could work with that.

My thing is if #650 is specifically for dresses and sashes I do not want to go with that, I would prefer classic 1003 but my main thought is, it is her day. I don't care greatly about the wedding ceremony and I can do anything for a single day

So first and formost is #650 a feminine tartan?
Secondly what other suggestions would someone have to mix a single kilted scotsman with a non-red or green wedding color?

Thanks All,

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